Building Recording 

If a proposed development may impact on an historic building, the planning authority can ask for an appraisal of the building as part of any planning application. Following planning consent the planning authority may request additional recording of the building - ranging from a basic photographic survey to a full photographic and drawn record and documentary research. ABRS aim to provide cost effective tailored services as part of the planning process to our clients.

 Historic Building Appraisal

As a result of new planning guidance historic building appraisals are becoming more common to support not only listed building consent applications but also planning applications. Whenever possible ABRS will use clients existing drawings, once verified for accuracy as part of the site visit, and will address the Local Authority's planning brief as follows

  • a site visit and rapid photographic record
  • a documentary search using readily accessible records, using both online sources and local records office or council held Historic Environment Record (HER)
  • building phasing and assessment of significance
  • production of an illustrated report

A well produced assessment at an early stage can save our clients both time and money in the long term.

 Historic Building Recording & Analysis

If a client's proposed development will have a significant impact on an historic building, the planning authority can ask for various levels of recording. Following both Historic England standards and Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) standards & guidance ABRS is able carry out all these levels from a photographic survey to a full drawn record of the building.

As part of this work we will produce a project design or written scheme of investigation (WSI) to meet the planning authority's requirements as set out in their brief for archaeological recording work. Again the use of drawings and information supplied by our clients will ensure value for money and timetables are met.

Many planning permissions that include archaeological conditions are not fully discharged until the archaeological record is properly deposited with an appropriate body for long term storage. ABRS will ensure that this is carried out, giving our clients peace of mind.

Heritage Assessments 

A heritage assessment (formerly Desk Based Assessment) is a study of the historic environment within a specific area or site which addresses the requirements and standards set down by the local planning authority frequently in response to a commercial planning application.

ABRS will analysis existing written, graphic, photographic and online sources in order to identify likely heritage assets, their significance and the character and setting of the study area. Using established Historic England and Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) standards ABRS will assess the significance of potential heritage assets in a local, regional and national context. As part of an assessment ABRS will:

  • Carry out a site visit
  • Examine accessible records including historic map coverage
  • Carry out a Local Authority Historic Environment Record (HER) search
  • Produce a fully illustrated report identifying the topography, geology, past & present landuse within the study area and known heritage assets in the vicinity.

The resulting document can be submitted in support of a planning application allowing both our clients and the local planning authority to assess the archaeological consideration of the application.